Hosting Guide

Required Before Starting

The following are required before you can start:

Getting Started


Firstly, make sure your server is OFFLINE.

Now we need to make sure Workshop support is enabled on your server if it is not already. If you have already added maps to your server from Workshop then this is a good sign that it is enabled and you should skip to the lower portion of this instruction (Previously Enabled Workshop Server.)

Enabling Workshop: To enable Workshop, in your commmand-line startup you need to include the -workshop command. For dedicated/virtual machines running Windows this is usually a .bat file, for people purchasing by the slot it is usually labeled as command-line start up in your control panel.

Setting sv_pure 0: You will need to set sv_pure to 0 in your startup commandline or the equivalent to this that you are using and also in the server.cfg - This allows your server to utilize the custom models/materials.

(It has been reported sv_pure 0 may not work, if this happens for you, try -1)

Now Enabled and/or Previously Enabled Workshop Server: If you have enabled Workshop or were already on a server with Workshop enabled it is time to add the subscribed file ID for the theater/workshop item to your subscribed_file_ids.txt file. The subscribed_file_ids.txt file can be located/created in the "insurgency" folder of your server installation, this is the same location where you would locate the motd.txt file and mapcycle files also.

Now that you have located or created the subscribed_file_ids file, you need to add the actual ID for the subscribed item. Use the below dropdown menu to obtain the subscribed file ID for your desired theater choice, then type/paste the ID into the text file and save.

Select the theater you are wanting to host


This guide is written on how to setup any version of The Armory theaters on a server. So depending on which theater you specified/chose above, the command will vary somewhat. Copy and paste the associated command for whichever theater you have chosen into your server.cfg (located in insurgency/cfg)

Select the theater you are wanting to host in the previous step


After you have enabled Workshop support for your server, set the subscribed file ID and the mp_theater_override command in your server.cfg should you be good to go. Start and bring your server back online and it should automatically download the theater from Workshop the first time.

Finally, confirm the theater is working on your server by joining and when selecting a slot you should see Weapon Sergeants and Weapon Specialists (a unique feature to these theater files), you may also want to confirm all custom weapons are appearing by selecting a slot, then glancing at the custom weapons to make sure they appear without error.


You may have noticed that some of The Armory theaters are built around having a higher than 8-player count. If you have chosen one of these and desire the full use of the security team player count, set the following commands in your server.cfg: